Sonia Todd

I’ve been attending 1-1 reformer sessions with Jess since late summer. I had been injured from a fall and felt my wonky body needed some extra TLC and I’d heard great things about the reformer and Beam with Grace. I teach beginner and rehabilitation Pilates so I am familiar with the matwork but I was quite daunted by the look of the reformer and not really knowing how to use it. Jess is a wonderful empathetic teacher – who really takes time to understand how your body is working and where it needs some help. She tailors the sessions to exactly the right level and even when I’ve found some exercises challenging she is able to break it down into easier steps so I feel like I am making progress. I really look forward to my reformer sessions – I feel completely energised and my body really thanks me for it afterwards.

As an equestrian who is starting out at the lower levels of dressage I really feel this type of pilates training is amazingly beneficial as it gives you that complete awareness of how your body is functioning and helps you to move more efficiently.

My back injury is reaping the benefits too – and I am enjoying the lengthening and toning effects it is having on my body too. I enjoy a mostly active lifestyle but my Pilates with Jess has added another dimension which I feels suits my body and mid life status – Jess is a talented coach and has lots of sparkle which really adds to the personal training experience. I also attend the circuit session too when I can and this has really helped to consolidate the moves and progress from my 1-1 session and enable me another weekly session on the reformer too…. Thanks Jess – keep sparkling your magic

Andy Francis

I am just in the middle of a course of 121 sessions. I am an overweight unfit ex rugby player with a bad back who never imagined this would be what I would ever do – but what a great experience. Jess obviously is great, you couldn’t ask for more encouragement – or friendliness as she pushes you way past where you wanted to go ! How can you feel so tired from moving so comparatively little! It’s all done also with an eye on your capabilities and injuries / weaknesses from past exertions. There’s been a noticeable improvement in my current back condition – so I will definitely be back for more.


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