BEAM Barre & Dance

Barre and Dance is Barre with a twist. If you love to shake and shimmy this class is for you. We begin with a high-energy warm-up in the centre of the studio, head to the Barre to find your feet and work those buns, tums, thighs, arms and core and finally ends with a choreographed routine and a good stretch! Perfect for keeping on top of those co-ordination skills and balance.

When? Mondays | 7:30pm

Where? Saint Martins School, Solihull

Our 55 minute Pilates, Dance and Barre sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities. These classes will tone all areas of your body and offer you many benefits such as; Flexibility, Mobility, Strength, Stamina and Stability. In turn these low impact sessions can decrease lower back and sciatic pain and are wonderful for getting the body moving.


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